Dr. Ir. Muhammad Arkam bin Che Munaaim

Electrical Director

Academic Qualification:

  • PhD. Energy Conservation, University Science Malaysia.

  • MSc. Building Technology, University Science Malaysia.

  • Bach of Engineering (Electrical), Univ. Technology, Malaysia.

  • Diploma Electrical Engineering (Power), Univ. Technology, Malaysia.

Specialization: Green Energy, Energy Conservation, Building Services, Passive Building Design.

Members Affiliations:

  • Registered Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate, BEM

  • Member Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

  • Member Institution Electrical & Electronics Engineers, USA.

  • Member Institution of Engineering Technology, UK.

  • Registered ASEAN Engineers, ASEAN Eng.

  • ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, ACPE.

  • Member Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

    Engineer, APEC Eng. 

  • EMF International Professional Engineer, IntPE.

  • Associate ASEAN Engineer, AAE.

  • Member Malaysia Green Building Confederation.

  • SPAN Qualified Person,SPAN QP.

  • Registered Electrical Energy Manager, REEM.

  • Member Malaysia Water Association, MWA.

  • Member Malaysian Society fot Engineers & Technologist, MySET.

  • Member Malaysian Invention & Design Society, MINDS


  • Member National Industrial Expert Registration.


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