Established during the Asian Financial crisis of 1997-1998 by a group of enthusiastic professional engineers with a dream and vision to provide efficient & sustainable engineering excellence, Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd (MJCSB) wanted to create not only job opportunities but also a platform for young passionate engineers and technicians to hone their skills and build strength together to endure the struggle of that period and the future.

More than 20 years have passed, today MJCSB stands as one of the leading Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy firm in Malaysia. With 2 local branches and over 70 work force, MJCSB have undertook consultancy works in various industries, from Building Services to Transportation (Roads, Railway, Airport, & Seaports), Renewable Energy Plants, even Oil & Gas industry locally and abroad.

Executive Chairman’s Message

It is a great achievement to see MJCSB grows from barely two people when it first started to now more than seventy after twenty years in the market. The success of the company is the result of management and staff commitment working hand in hand in building up the company and at the same time maintaining the company’s good image.

The scope of services has now expanded and at the same time MJCSB has entered into the international market, Asia and Africa. It is hoped that in near future the international engagement of MJCSB will increase exponentially and making MJCSB an active player in consultancy services worldwide.

With young and dedicated directors on board the management team, I am confident that this will act as a catalyst to energize and drive MJCSB to a brighter future.


Managing Director's Message

This year marks an important milestone for Mega Jati Consult Sdn.Bhd.(MJCSB),for it was 20 years ago that the company was born. From a humble beginning,today the company have successfully executed more than 400 projects.

I recall with gratitude the initiative by the pioneers of this company who had not only set up the foundation for the company but had a vision to build it into becoming one of the leading Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultant in Malaysia.

I am confident that with the guidance of the Board of Directors and the support of all members of the MJCSB family, we will further strengthen the position of our company. To remain in the position of a leading consulting firm will demand innovation, dedication, keeping abreast with technologies and the provision of unsurpassed customer service.

In 2019, MJCSB will venture into the Training and Education sector with the creation of a new division that will provide life time learning and continuing education opportunities for workers in Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

We foresee that the years ahead are going to be challenging and yet exciting as MJCSB starts to expand its services beyond the national borders into the continents of Asia and Africa.


Company Vision


Company Mission

  1. Quality consultancy service beyond client’s satisfaction by providing reliable, cost effective, sustainable and up to date system designs.
  2. Provide job opportunities and talent/competency development.
  3. Regional business expansion and 15% growth annually in fees.

Company Values


 Job Satisfaction








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