Ir. Andy Anak Lawrence

Associate Director

30 January 1982| Phone: 08-2647767 l  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  








Academic and Profesional Qualification  

Diploma in Electrical and Communication Engineering, Malaysia  University Of Technology

Degree in Electrical Engineering, Curtin University

Member of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia

Certified as Professional Engineer by Board of Engineering Malaysia in Electrical field. (No.15112)

Professional Experience 





Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd Executive Director for Sarawak Branch



Engineer Incharge Sri Aman Region (now known as Divisional Engineer)

·         Oversee Operation, Maintenance, Planning and Project

·         Chairman of Regional Planning Committee

·         SESCO Planning Project Committee members

·         SESCO Planning Handbook Committee members

·         SESCO appointed Internal Auditor

·         Operational Safety & Health Chairman Sri Aman Region




Planning & Project Engineer cum Revenue Management & Customer     Service Engineer Sri Aman Region

·         Conduct Site survey, pole peg, profiling and estimate for customer funded and SESCO funded project.

·         Project execution up to 33kV Distribution System

·         Metering & Billing administration

·         Customer Service

SESCO appointed internal auditor

Regional Planning Committee member





Operation and Maintenance Engineer Sri Aman Region

·         Substation Routine Maintenance and transformer inspection for 33/11kV Zone Substation & 11kV D-Sub, 33/.433kV & 11/.433kV Outdoor Substation.

·         Auto-Recloser routine check and inspection and magnet test for Earth Fault Indicator.

·         Substation Battery charger – Boost and float voltage output setting.

·         Oil Test for Power transformer – DGA and KF test.

·         Overhead line performance analysis and fault locating.

·         Perform HV switching under supervision of competent / authorised person).

·         Investigate and check low voltage problem using voltage recorder (within +5% and -10%) or Voltage fluctuation using Power Quality equipment.

SESCO appointed internal auditor

Regional Planning Committee member


 Project Handled

Project Title

Specific Area



Sri Aman-Betong 33kV System Reinforcement

Engkilili until Selalang

(Total 1122 pole span 33kV OHL)


This project is to cater the influx increase of RES customer at Sri Aman and Betong Division. The budget is from KKLW. Construction of 33kV overhead line and Underground cable from Engkilili to Betong, From Betong to Debak and from Saratok to Selalang. Project cost approximately 30 million


Sri Aman and Betong 33/11kV New Distribution Substation

Betong town


Sri Aman town


This project is to extend 33kV line to town area as to improve the voltage quality towards semi-rural area at Betong and Sri Aman. The construction mainly on underground cable 33kV, 95mmsq. It laid together with fiber optic.


Electricity Supply to Badau Kalimantan

Lubok Antu and Badau Kalimantan border


This project is to supply to our neighboring country, Indonesia, Kalimantan specifically

System Improvement/Reinforcement on  Pusa Area with Installation of Voltage Regulator





Significant voltage drop problem at Maludam area, which been improved by installed of VR.

RES system improvement/reinforcement


Lachau and



Due to extension and increased in customer connected to Lachau and Lingga line, the feeder forecasted to experience the severe voltage drop. Hence, study has been made using simulation software PSS Adept / Power factory simulator to locate the position to install voltage regulator.


Supply to large premise such as Factory at Debak and Government building (IPD) at Lubok Antu and upgrading works of system capacity affected by RES project at Roban.

Debak Junction and Lubok Antu town


Installation of 1 nos of 5MVA 33/11kV transformer at each premise mentioned, and 11/.433kV transformer.